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Women's Soccer Academy

Aviv 2024, Jerusalem

Girls! Are you ready to play soccer?

After a terrific success in Tel Aviv and Herzliya, our Women's Soccer Academy is landing in Jerusalem! Join us in a challenging and fun experience and gain soccer skills while meeting and training with other girls like you every week.


The Academy is led by a professional soccer instructor, packed with high-quality equipment, and girls of all different skill levels and parts of the world each season. We also boast the best playing surface in the region in collaboration with Jerusalem's Municipality to give you the best soccer experience. The best chance to be competitive while having fun!


We will provide you with

  • Turf Fields

  • Soccer training led by a Professional Coach

  • Training and Friendly Matches sessions every week

  • Professional Coach 

  • The Academy Coordinator will always be there for you, and she's committed to creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment!

  • High quality and best range of soccer training equipment

  • Free access to our Benefits Club with special discounts for Tazuz's community

  • An EPIC Tournament Closing event ;)


Season Time: From March 26th, 2024 to June 23rd, 2024
Game Days: Tuesdays from 7 to 8:30 pm

The individual fee is: 350₪ NIS

  • 50% OFF for Rothberg and HUJI International Students, Sponsored by Hebrew University.

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