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We offer an extended community of support and camaraderie that encourages sportsmanship, leadership, teamwork, fun, and play. We want to connect international and local students all over Israel and build a strong and long community of network with Israel's Universities and its international divisions.

Become our partner in creating a safe, inclusive, and supportive environment where participants can learn, grow, increase social interaction, and create meaningful relationships, Let's Get Moving!

The real value of our programs

1. Academic Success


Campus recreation is an integral component of the student experience that develops and reinforces the personal characteristics that lead to academic success.

2. Recruitment & Retention

Recreation participation has a positive impact on students’ retention. Individuals who think campus rec programs are important are likely to express an intention to return to school. 

3. Physical health

Campus Rec participation leads to the development of lifelong health. Physically active students sleep better, feel better, and function better overall. 

4. Professional & Leadership Development

Participation and involvement in campus recreation serves as a vehicle to develop professional work skills. Planning, organizing, prioritizing, teamwork, decision making, and problem solving are some of the skills that can be learned and strengthened. 

5. Diversity & Inclusion

Sports and recreation activities provide inclusive spaces that facilitate the development of relationships between individuals from different cultures. No matter where you are from, sports are a universal language.

6. Mental wellbeing

Recreation programs that promote mindfulness and exercise can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression.


La pasión une a las personas. Encontrate con estudiantes de tu Campus que disfrutan y comparten los mismos hobbies e intereses que vos!