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Beach Volleyball league

4 vs 4. Mix teams. Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv. Get ready for this, because it's going to be a blast!

Our leagues provide you the opportunity to keep active in an exciting, challenging, and social environment. Each season, our tournament is packed with teams of all different skill levels. The best chance to be competitive, while still having fun! 

Tazuz league also boasts the best playing surface in the region to give you the very best sports experience. 

Our league provides officials and scorekeeping, official referees and equipment, awards for the winning team, and highly qualified staff.

Want to play beach volleyball, but don’t have a team? We can help you to find one! If we get enough players to form a full team, we will create it! Otherwise, we will try and get you placed with one of the private teams that may need an extra player or two.

League details:

Season Time: From May 10th to May 31st

Game Days: Wednesday
Preliminary matches schedule: 6:45 pm | 7:10 pm | 7:35 pm | 8:00 pm (Each team will play 2 matches per night)
Game Duration: Best out of 3 sets of 15 points or 25 minutes (which comes first)

Gordon Beach, Tel Aviv

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